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ABC Sale to feature fully-equipped golf cart

By Staff | Feb 11, 2010

Jack Cunningham is pictured with one of the major items featured in this year’s ABC Sale, a fully-equipped street legal golf cart.

At the Captiva Civic Association’s 44th annual ABC Sale auction, one item in particular is bound to be the star of the show – a fully equipped, street legal Tomberlin golf cart.

CCA vice president Jack Cunningham is the fellow responsible for securing the golf cart for the auction.

“This happened to be the very last one that the Tomberlin factory had, so when I talked to the dealer, he was able to have the factory hold it and we ended up getting it. I’m very pleased. It has Club Car underworkings and the Tomberlin body style. I think we’ve got a really nice vehicle here for our auction,” Cunningham said.

“If the person who buys it at auction chooses to, they can license it and drive it anywhere on Captiva or Sanibel – anywhere there is a 35 mile per hour speed limit. Or, as long as they stay within the boundaries where golf carts are allowed – the village area and South Seas – then they wouldn’t have to license it,” Cunningham continued.

And, according to Cunningham, this is not your average golf cart.

“What makes this different than a regular golf cart are the headlights, taillights, back-up lights, turn signals, speedometer, a safety glass windshield with windshield wiper, seatbelts in front and back, an emergency brake and a charger for charging it that is built right into the cart. It’s a very, very complete vehicle and it’s extremely good looking,” Cunningham said.

Another big ticket item to be featured at the auction is a sculpture of a Pileated Woodpecker by world renowned island artist Jim Sprankle.

In addition to the golf cart and sculpture, auction items will include a hand-made dollhouse by Louise Tuttle, the original artwork by Lauri Kailahnen featured on this year’s ABC Sale t-shirt, a three hour shelling trip, a Dalmatian fire hydrant, a boat rental for a day from Jensen’s Marina, a firetruck ride, a kayak donated by Trevor Nette, an assortment of six fine wines from Gordon Hullar and a day of pampering at the Kay Casperson Lifestyle Spa and Boutique.

And don’t forget this year’s art item up for auction – chairs designed and decorated by local artists Kym Nadar, Jan Markle, Nanelle Wehmann and the C.R.A.F.T.Y. Ladies of Sunset Captiva.

The ABC Sale will be held at the Sanctuary Golf Club on Saturday, March 6. Tickets are $85.

People who are interested in attending the ABC Sale that are not members of the CCA are more than welcome to call the office, 472-2111, to request invitations.

Commemorative 2010 ABC Sale t-shirts are still for sale on select days at the Captiva Post Office and the CCA, located at 11550 Chapin Lane, for $20.

Tickets for the event are $85.

If you have questions about the ABC Sale, donating items, volunteering service or requesting invitations call the CCA at 472-2111.