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Ward develops Art For Outside Living; photos to accessorize outdoor spaces

By Staff | Feb 10, 2010

Eleanor Ward sits next to "Nature's Colors," one of her stunning nature photographs which include a bougainvillea and a fan palm, outside her Captiva home known as Mermaid Place.

It wasn’t too long ago that Eleanor Ward discovered the joy of photography. Her part-time hobby soon became a full-time passion, an endeavor in which she could capture the beauty of wildlife and nature of the islands and share those images with fellow admirers.

But until recently, her photographic work had only been seen in art galleries, photo exhibitions, albums and on the walls of private collectors.

That is until her sister, interior designer Rosalyn McGlynn, was skimming through an architectural magazine and came upon a thought: What if Ward’s photographs could be displayed outdoors?

“We thought it would be a terrific way to bring the things we enjoy in our inside living space out-of-doors,” said Ward, a Georgia resident who is a frequent visitor to Captiva and her sister and brother-in-law’s residence, known as Mermaid Place.

Thus, the idea for Ward’s “Art For Outside Living” was born.

"Just Wonderin,'" featuring the image of an ibis, hangs next to the outer staircase of Ward's residence.

Drawing from her stockpile of standout natural images – her collection includes flowers and butterflies, birds, sunsets, landscapes and animals of all sorts – Ward investigated how her images could be permanently affixed to an all-weather surface, allowing those pictures to be placed outdoors. She found two solutions: light-gauge aluminum and 6 mm PVC sheets.

“If you don’t have a lot of color in your outdoor space, this can help you add almost anything you can imagine anywhere you would like to add an accent piece,” said Ward, who demonstrated the versatility of her product by moving one photo from it’s hanging place at the bottom of a staircase and replacing it effortlessly with another.

Although the details of the photographic process are too laborious to detail, Ward explained that each individual piece – available in sizes 12″ x 18″ up to 30″ x 40″ – is waterproof as well as fade and scratch resistant. In cases that these photographs will be displayed in shaded or in a somewhat protective area, their longevity is infinite.

Ward, who has taken most of her images on Sanibel and Captiva, is delighted to be able to offer her “Art For Outside Living” photographs to people who might be looking to spruce up their screened lanais, pool decks, gardens or the outdoors of their homes.

“Now that the weather is a little cooler, these are a great way to move more of your living and entertaining outdoors,” added Ward, whose prices range from $200 to $550. “There are hundreds of images available… let your imagination lead the way.”

Ward's closeup image of a hibiscus flower, entitled "Brighten Your World."

More details about “Art For Outside Living” are available online at www.naturesgifts-photoart.com. To inquire about Ward’s photographs, call 770-926-4309 or send an e-mail to eleanorjward@comcast.net.

"Egret's Hiding Place" is displayed on the middle of a staircase, surrounded by other outdoor elements.

Two of Ward's Roseate spoonbill images adorn the pool deck behind Mermaid Place's main house.