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Parkour martial arts training coming on Friday

By Staff | Feb 10, 2010

Red Dragon Kenpo Karate Studio in Fort Myers will be offering Parkour (the art of movement) classes on Fridays at 7 p.m. at its facility this Friday, Feb. 12.

Parkour is of French origin of physical discipline where the traceur (a practioner in this art) attempts to overcome obstacles in the most efficient way possible with the object being to get to one place from another. Skills such as running, jumping, vaulting, climbing and quadrupedal movement and more specific parkour moves are employed.

Traceurs require consistent, disciplined training with emphasis on functional strength, physical conditioning, balance, creativity, fluidity, control, precision, spatial awareness. Focusing on safety, longevity, personal responsibility and self improvement, humility, positive collaboration, sharing of knowledge, while demonstrating respect for all people, places and spaces.

You may recognize Parkour in recent commercials, performed on stage during touring with Madonna and in action movies. A foreign movie, “District 13,” was scheduled to hit selected U.S. theaters this February.

Parkour can be compared to some martial arts, but the traceur is more interested in getting away rather than defending anyone from physical harm.

“Along with our rock climbing wall, adding Parkour classes to our martial arts and exercise schedule has been in the plans for many years, we are happy to share with others, the opportunity to train in this fascinating art in which Fort Myers may have never seen before,” said Steve Casamento, owner of Red Dragon Karate. His facility is at 18070 S. Tamiami Trail in Fort Myers and is open weekdays and Saturdays.

For more information, call 239-278-4437 or visit www.reddragonkenpokarate.com.