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Historical Society meeting to feature ‘Journey with the White Medicine Man’

By Staff | Feb 6, 2010

A “Journey with the White Medicine Man” is coming to the Cape Coral Historical Society and Museum in February.
Woody Hanson, a Fort Myers Realtor, is presenting his grandfather’s story of being taken into the Seminole Indian culture.
Stanley Hanson was considered the Seminole Indian’s “White Medicine Man.”
He grew up with the Seminoles and became a member of the tribe’s council of elders.
Through that vaunted position, he was able to help the tribe through flu epidemics, political upheaval and various courtroom battles.
In return, the Seminoles honored and trusted him, which granted him unprecedented access to their lives and history until his death in 1945.
“What a great thing,” said Anne Cull, museum curator. “The relationship his (Hanson’s) grandfather had with the Seminoles … he became an elder and they trusted him.”
Offering a unique perspective on the Seminole Indian tribe, Hanson will present his grandfather’s story, along with photos and memorabilia from the era.
Cull said the Historical Society and Museum wants to present not only the Cape’s unique story, but the story of the entire region.
She said there are plenty of interesting stories throughout the county, one of which is Hanson’s, and the other being the Seminoles.
“The Seminoles were such a big part of Southwest Florida history,” Cull said.
The regular monthly meeting of the Cape Coral Historical Society’s regular monthly meeting will be held at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 9, at the Cultural Park Theatre.
For more information, call Cull at 772-7037.