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Roadwatch update: Feb. 4-Feb. 10

By Staff | Feb 4, 2010

I. Road Projects

* Bonita Beach Road – Road Widening Project East of Bonita Grande Drive -The week of Feb. 2, 2009, construction activities began on the widening of Bonita Beach Road east of Bonita Grande Drive. Construction activities are expected to last until March 2010. Proposed work includes the widening of approximately two miles of Bonita Beach Road from two lanes to four lanes. Work will also include rebuilding portions of the existing two lanes, installation of drainage and relocation of a force main. Two travel lanes will be maintained in order not to disrupt the flow of traffic in the area.

* Buckingham Road – Paved Shoulders from SR82 to Neal Road -Work will begin Feb. 8, to add 4′ wide paved shoulders on Buckingham Rd. This work will require one lane to be closed during much of the work effort. Lane closures will be limited to off peak hours, after 9 a.m. and before 3 p.m.; however an alternate route is suggested. Work is expected to be complete by April 1.

* Colonial Blvd (CR 884) Six Laning from I-75 to State Rd 82 (approx. 2.7 miles in length)
Construction activities began on Monday, Aug. 10, 2009. Proposed work consists of widening
an existing four-lane highway facility, to a six-lane urbanized divided highway. This will include
the installation of street lighting, signalization, bridge widening and utility modifications. Two 8-
foot-wide asphalt multi-use sidewalks along the north and south sides of the road will be added.
The tentative completion date is April, 2011.

* Colonial Blvd – Utility work will be ongoing around Treeline Avenue on both the north and
south side of Colonial for the next several weeks for relocation of utilities. Work will be ongoing
under the I-75 Bridges along Colonial. Construction Traffic is heavy, so please drive through the
area with caution.

* Florence Ave & State Rte 80, Shandler’s Community Park Entrance – On Feb. 2construction activities anticipated to take two weeks began. The proposed work will remove the SR 80/Florence entrance. Access to the park can be obtained from Royal Palm Park Road.

* Gladiolus Drive Widening from Pine Ridge Road to Winkler Road – Construction activities
are continuing on Gladiolus Drive and on Bass Road to widen Gladiolus Drive from 2 lanes to 6
lanes from Winker Road to Bass Road and to 4 lanes from Bass Road to Pine Ridge Road and to
widen Bass Road from 2 lanes to 4 lanes from Health Park to Gladiolus Drive. Motorists are
advised that a lane reduction is in place on the westbound approach of Gladiolus Drive to Winker
Road. Construction activities are currently occurring through out the corridor. Gladiolus -Lane closures may occur and will typically be at night time between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m. with some work occurring off the roadway during the day. The tentative completion date is fall, 2010.

* (new 2/4/2010 – Gladiolus)
* Beginning at 7 p.m., Wednesday, Feb. 3, and Thursday, Feb. 4 construction crews will pave the intersection at Gladiolus Drive and Winkler Road. Law enforcement will be present to direct traffic during intermittent lane closures. The work is expected to be complete by 6 a.m.

* On Thursday, Feb. 4, and Friday, Feb. 5 from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. construction crews anticipate placing the final lift of asphalt on Bass Road south of Gladiolus Drive to Health Park. Expect intermittent lane closures. The work is expected to be complete by 6 a.m. However, if delayed due to weather or additional work is required; crews will complete the paving on Sunday, Feb. 7, between 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. Flagmen will be on site to direct traffic.

* The Contractor is anticipating activation of the signal at A&W Bulb Road and GladiolusDrive the week of Feb. 15, the signal will operate in flash mode prior being placed into full operation. In the event of delays the activation of the signal may be postponed until the week of Feb. 22.

* Lee Blvd/ Sunshine Blvd. -Intersection of Lee Boulevard/Sunshine Boulevard – On Feb. 20, construction activities anticipated to take 5 months to complete will begin. The proposed work will extend along Sunshine Boulevard approximately 1000′ each direction from Lee Boulevard; and includes the addition of a left turn lane and traffic signal modifications.

* Sanibel Toll Plaza Bicycle/Pedestrian Improvements – Work will begin Feb. 8, to add paved shoulders/construct a bike path through the toll booth area. McGregor Blvd. will be resurfaced through the limits of the work area and additional boat trailer parking will be added for the boat ramp. All through travel lanes will remain open during day light hours; activities requiring lane closures (resurfacing) will be done at night. Work is expected to be complete by April 30, 2010.

* Summerlin Rd. from Cypress Lake Dr. to Boyscout Rd. – work continues on widening the
southbound roadway from north of College to Cypress Lake, and on the northbound roadway
near Boy Scout Road. Work on the retaining wall on the south side has been suspended due to the presence of asbestos and will resume once a determination of the amount and disposable method has been approved. Work on the retaining wall on the North side of the intersection will begin the week of Jan. 11. The dual left turn lanes on College Pkwy completion date is summer of 2010.

* II. Road/Bridge Maintenance

* Del Prado -We will be performing bridge maintenance on the bridge north of Coronado on Del
Prado. This night work started Oct. 29 and was schedeuled until the end of January, 2010 on Thursday nights, with lane closures starting at 7 p.m. until 3:30 am.

* III. Landscaping

* Summerlin Road – Landscaping – Lee County DOT Operations will be managing the
* installation of irrigation and landscaping along Summerlin Road, between Sanibel Island and
Gladiolus Drive. This project is scheduled to be completed in late March 2010. Lane closures
and traffic impacts may occur.

* IV. County-Wide Road Resurfacing

Resurfacing various streets countywide began May 5, 2009 and will last for 12 months.
* V. County-Wide Sidewalk Construction

VI. Signal Work

* SR 80 & Ortiz – Beginning 1/19/10 Major Signal repairs to begin at SR 80 & Ortiz. The work is
planned maintenance in conjunction with road work. Expect delays until March 1st.

* (new 2/4/2010)
* Traffic Signal repairs will be done at the following intersections from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.:

* 2/9/10 – Cape Coral Pkwy & Vincennes
* 2/10/10 – Cape Coral Pkwy & Nicholas
* 2/11/10 – Cultural Club & Nicholas
Cape Coral Police Department will be onsite all three days to direct traffic

Source: Lee County Department of Transportation