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Barbara Watt to speak at real estate convention in Japan

By Staff | Feb 4, 2010

Local Realtor Barbara “Bobbie” Watt is being honored on an international stage this weekend.
Watt is headed to Tokyo to be the guest of honor at Century 21 Real Estate of Japan’s annual convention.
“I’m excited,” she said. “It’s been very interesting for me … they just go all out, they treat you like royalty.”
Watt was the number one sale person in the world for Century 21 in 2005, a distinction that caught the eye of her peers around the globe.
She plans on giving a presentation on how the real estate market is run here in the Cape, as well as try to dispel the myth that all of the industry is in dire straights in Florida.
Of course, she plans on comparing notes with her fellow Realtors.
“I’m going to get a chance to see how the different cultures do business,” she said.
Watt will also have the chance to soak up Japanese culture, riding the famed bullet train, touring the cities and visiting locations that are thousands and thousands of years old.
She said she isn’t worried about the language barrier, as a translator will be provided.
According to a letter to Watt from Kazunari Mitsukawa, CEO and president of Century 21 Real Estate of Japan, he said that Century 21 franchisees will benefit from Watt’s expertise.
Watt said she’s the only American to be honored at the convention.
“I’m going to tell them about how business is in Florida, and how we got to be number one,” she said.
Watt will be providing some photos of her trip once she returns.