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Disregarding the wishes of neighbors

By Staff | Jan 29, 2010

To the editor,

I am a seasonal resident and always read your newspaper, especially looking for the facts on 86-43. I am consistently puzzled why the real issue is never clearly defined in your articles. Surely the issue has to be those who want more and bigger homes (developers, builders, realtors, business owners) and those who want to maintain the low-key nature of Sanibel which is why I and everyone I meet wants to be here.

I have read the proposed amendment to the ordinance (and am not sure which side of the issue it will favor) and am puzzled by rejection of the amendment by Council. If gridlock means future building applications will be decided by the planning department, without firm guidelines (ordinances?), doesn’t that mean that applications for ‘McMansions’ will be approved as seems to have been the case with the McMinn situation?

It’s a pity if the default process disregards wishes of neighbors as in that case. As a potential home buyer, I am not encouraged to buy confronted with this murky issue.

David Beal