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Cape man sentenced to four years in prison in DUI manslaughter death

By Staff | Jan 28, 2010

A Cape Coral man charged with DUI manslaughter in July was sentenced this week to four years in prison.
Ryan Scott Schaufert, 24, struck motorcyclist Ronald Johnson in April of last year. Johnson died of his injuries.
Schaufert was sentenced to 15 years but, will serve four as long as he completes 11 years of probation, according to the State Attorney’s Office.
Schaufert also was issued a $2,000 fine and has to pay $393 in court costs and $100 for the costs of prosecution. His license will be permanently revoked, Schaufert will have to attend DUI school and he must submit a DNA sample to the state.
According to the police report, Schaufert had a blood alcohol content of .086 and tested positive for the chemical THC found in marijuana.
Police also found 2.5 grams of marijuana and a marijuana pipe in Schaufert’s vehicle.
While attempting to stop at a traffic light at Southeast 26th Street last April, Schaufert was unable to stop his vehicle and struck the real wheel of Johnson’s motorcycle.
Johnson was brought to Lee Memorial Hospital but later died as a result of his injuries.
According to the State Attorney’s Office, Schaufert was also sentenced to nine months in prison for damage to person and property and one year in prison for possession of marijuana.
Both of these sentences will run concurrently with the first charge.