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School district implements new ID badge system

By Staff | Jan 26, 2010

Lee County School District officials announced Tuesday afternoon that all employees would receive new identification badges meant to enhance school security.
The five members of the school board were the first to get the brand new cards, which include a photograph of that particular employee, as well as a district logo and a magnetic strip to assist with accessing secure areas.
Most importantly, the new cards standardize the forms of identification carried by all employees. Cards used by different schools and facilities currently vary, explained Dr. Ann Cole, coordinator of Safety, Security and Inspections, with some not having photographs and others coming in different colors or designs.
“We have made huge gains in terms of security countywide,” said Superintendent James Browder. “It is important we keep our schools focused on security and ensuring that children are in safe environments.”
Even though identification badges are in compliance with state regulations, the district wants to make it easier for all employees to identify who does and doesn’t belong in a school.
“This is a huge project and we are getting a jumpstart,” said Cole.
The next step in enhancing security is providing schools with driver’s license scanners for visitors seeking a temporary identification to go inside of schools.
“Right now we are using different systems and currently working on looking at which ones will meet our needs,” said Cole.
Browder also pointed out that the new identification cards are cheaper than the ones currently issued by the district.