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Cape police to target high-profile intersections for traffic enforcement

By Staff | Jan 22, 2010

Cape Coral Police will target three, high-profile intersections for traffic enforcement through the remainder of January. Police will be watching for red light and seatbelt violations, speeding and other traffic offenses.
The three intersections are:
* Del Prado Boulevard/SE 47th Terrace
* Del Prado Boulevard/State Road 78 (Pine Island Road)
* Santa Barbara Boulevard/ State Road 78 (Pine Island Road)
“These three intersections are high-traffic areas with greater potential for serious accidents,” said Sgt. Keith Perrin with the Special Operations Bureau in a prepared statement. “Our increased presence is to encourage compliance with traffic laws, and to reduce crashes and injuries.”
Fines for traffic violations increased on Dec. 1 last year. Red light violations are $224, while seatbelt violations are $109. Speeding fines can range from $124 to $274 up to 29 mph over the speed limit. Speeding violations above 30 mph are mandatory court appearances.

Source: Cape Coral Police Department