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Coral Ridge Cemetery to hold vigil for victims of earthquake

By Staff | Jan 21, 2010

Coral Ridge Cemetery is hosting a vigil today for the people killed in the Haitian earthquake.
Starting at 5:30 .pm., the vigil is open to the public. Those attending are being encouraged to bring donations of food, clothing, water and money to help those in need.
Coral Ridge’s Courtney Knerr said he was shocked at photos of the devastation, as bodies were simply stacked in the street.
“I couldn’t believe how undignified that looked,” Knerr said. “Our company is about dignity, and we wanted to think of a way we could help, to somehow bring a dignified solution to an undignified scenario.”
Originally Coral Ridge was only going to accept monetary donations, but Knerr said they realized the people of Haiti are going to need much more in the coming days.
Though the vigil will start at 5:30, Knerr said they will begin accepting donations at 4 pm. A member of the Salvation Army will also be on hand to take all monetary donations.
“We’ve been through disasters before,” Knerr said. “Finances are going to help, but as time goes on, people are going to need more … money just isn’t going to help those sitting on the street.”
Similar vigils will take place at the Lee Memorial Gardens, and the Naples Memorial Gardens in Collier County.
The Coral Ridge vigil will have pastors Tommy Rickards and Ted Lyke officiating.
For more information, contact Coral Ridge Cemetery at 283-0540. For those making monetary donations, make all check payable to the Salvation Army.