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St. Andrew Festival again called a success

By Staff | Jan 18, 2010

Carnival rides at St. Andrew’s Catholic School continued to be disassembled Monday morning signaling an end to this year’s festival.
Each year the school plays host to carnival rides and live entertainment for four days. It opened Thursday, Jan. 14, and ended Sunday night.
Organizer Tara Lukasik said the festival went off without a hitch except for one incident Friday night where an unidentified man assaulted a police officer.
“It was kind of a downer, we had to shut down early on Friday night, maybe 40 minutes early, while they sorted everything out,” she said.
Besides the altercation between police and one local resident, Lukasik said the festival was a success.
Jack Martin, festival committee chairman, said 20,000 people typically visit the festival over a four day period. He said this year’s attendance was about the same as any other year.
“It was about on par with other years,” he said. “The weather held out in our favor.”
Cape Coral resident Mary O’Neil won the $10,000 raffle on Sunday, and both of the second and third prize winners were also city residents, she said. They took home $1,500 and $1,000, respectively.
Eleven performers also applied for the Southwest Florida’s Got Talent competition on Saturday night. Lukasik said the majority of performers were singers but there were some dance acts as well. The first place winner was eighth grade student Noelle Aparte who sang “I’m Changing” from the musical Dreamgirls.
Aparte received a $500 gift certificate to travel to New York City to compete in another talent competition, and she won a free consultation with a modeling and talent agency.
Friday’s Texas Hold ‘Em tournament drew in 75 players even though organizers originally wanted around 100. Lukasik said they were still pleased with the turnout.
St. Andrews also celebrated its birthday this weekend with Memphis from the local radio station, B 103.9.
“The school is 20-years-old, but they didn’t have a festival the first year,” said Lukasik.