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Lagoon Drive beach pathway to open this weekend

By Staff | Jan 18, 2010

Sanibel Estates Association president Jerry Muench announced on Monday that the Lagoon Drive public walkway bridge to the beach is expected to be opened this weekend.

According to Muench, construction has been ongoing for sometime, in conjunction with dredging of the canal. However, work was halted for the Thanksgiving weekend and a temporary span was put in place just for that time.

The permanent span is now nearly completed and expected to be open to the public by Friday.

The replacement of the old bridge, which was in very poor condition, was approved at the SEA meeting in 2007, but the permitting process took more than two years. Construction started in late October, and the bridge has been closed most of the time since then.

This is not a public project, no tax money is involved. It is being paid for by the Sanibel Estates Property Owners Association, jointly with an association formed by the seven property owners located to the east of the bridge.