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Golf Course Alligator

By Staff | Jan 14, 2010

Alligators are present —

Enjoy them from a distance

Sign on the Dunes Golf Course

I’ve watched him often from my caged poolside,

Navigating noiselessly on the gray

Waste water, and with stealthy slide,

Submerge softly into the slime of hazard,

Eyes like periscopes of peril, watching, waiting,

Or, in sprawled immensity, sunning

His rough dark leather on the smooth Bermuda,

Watching the golfer, with golf cart waiting,

Move carefully toward his downhill lie.

But one May morning while watching him glide

He made an ominous turn toward my poolside,

Paused on the edge of hazard, then suddenly

Emerged in full blown immensity –

A monarch of menace come to claim the sun,

One Million BC sprawled on my manicured lawn!

Until, with camera cocked and safe inside

My cage, I moved to shoot- then seeing me,

He rolled and tumbled into the hazard again,

Submerging, periscope eyes watching, waiting

What we Earth Movers with our planned upheavals

Create to play with false creatures like eagles,

Birdies and bogies, doglegs without knees or paws,

With bunkers trapping their tiny round prey,

Sprinklers detumescing in twilight,

And mowers rumbling in the morning light—

He is too mired in memory primeval

For us to ever manicure his menace

Or groom the jeopardy within those jaws!