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Great White Grill chomps their way into second place

By Staff | Jan 12, 2010

Great White Grill

One week remains in the Sanibel Softball League and the post-season tournament brackets are shaping up.

Last Wednesday night, the Great White Grill cooked up their opponents the All Island Glass in a critical game. They cracked the All Island Glass in a 28-10 victory.

Later on in the evening, the Great White received some help that allowed them to clinch second place. That help came from the Aztec Plumbing Warriors.

The Aztecs donned their war paint and flushed away Bailey’s Baggers hope for second place with a decisive 28-10 win. Aztec pitcher Steve Gibson noted, “We shall build a burial mound of our defeated opponents.”

Thanks to the combination of the Great White win and a Bailey’s loss, the Great White clinched second place for the season and Bailey’s clinches third place.

In the other game of the evening, the Beachview Rec’N’Crew rolled the bulldozer over yet another opponent, the Sanctuary Island Electric, 28-18. It was the first game in league history to have a total of four over-the-fence homeruns.

Beachview, who already had first place clinched, sorely hurt the post-season tournament chances of Sanctuary Electric. Despite their loss, Sanctuary still controls their own destiny.

Sanctuary and Aztec Plumbing Warriors are now tied for the final playoff spot with one week left. Sanctuary’s game next week will be against a determined Bailey’s Baggers team whereas Aztec Plumbing will square off against the formidable Great White Grill. Should the two teams end the season in a tie, the Sanctuary Island Electric would take fourth place because they have the edge over Aztec in head-to-head games.

Aztec Plumbing, in effect, needs to win their game and have Sanctuary Electric lose theirs.

It should be an exciting week of softball next Wednesday night!