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Make My Day Adult Day Care Center offers variety of services

By Staff | Jan 6, 2010

MICHAEL PISTELLA Monika and Gerhard Keidl, owners of Make My Day Adult Day Care, relocated from Germany in March 2009. During the last 25 years Monika has worked as a certified geriatric nurse in assisted living facilities in Germany. Make My Day is located at 534 S.E. 16th Place.

The Make My Day Adult Day Care Center in Cape Coral offers caregivers the chance to bring their loved ones to a safe environment for socialization, companionship and daily activities.
Monika and Gerhard Keidl, owners and administrators of the center, held their grand opening Dec. 12 and hope more residents take advantage of the benefits the center has to offer. Senior citizens without anything to do during the day or those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia can spend the day at the center.
“They can stay during the day in the case of having Alzheimer’s or when caregivers need to go to work, we can take care of them,” said Monika.
Make My Day is licensed for 30 clients. Some of the clients only spend a half-day while others can be dropped off in the short-term if the caregivers have an appointment or pressing need.
A licensed practical nurse is on staff for administering medication, monitoring weight, checking blood pressure and aiding in any other health care needs, and a state-of-the-art alarm system ensures clients won’t wonder off.
Each day there are a number of activities that provide clients with mental or physical stimulation. The center chooses a specific theme and activities revolve around that theme. Clients create arts and crafts, hold sing-a-longs, participate in discussion groups and they have an opportunity to engage in low-impact exercise regiments.
Yet none of the activities are forced on the clients.
“The people don’t have to join in the activity, they can if they want to,” said Monika.
The center has five rooms and if guests want some quiet time they can move into either the living room, game room or break room. They can watch a limited amount of television if they wish or play board games.
Snacks and beverages are provided for clients but the center asks that each person brings their own lunch due to the specific dietary needs for each guest.
Special activities and memory training are also provided to patients with Alzheimer’s or dementia.
Monika explained that more Cape Coral residents are finding themselves dealing with Alzheimer’s each day.
“It is coming up more every year,” she said.
The Keidls relocated to Cape Coral from Germany where Monika worked as a geriatric nurse for 25 years. They used to vacation in the city each summer and enjoyed the community so much they decided to come here and open Make My Day.
“It’s really a passion of mine to do this. When we finished this house, it wasn’t just all of our money but all of our love,” she said.
Gerhard explained that the facility at 534 S.E. 16th Place, across the street from Cape Coral Hospital, was completely renovated and the couple made sure everything was up to code. Before they procured the building it was an office for Baywood Construction.
“This building meets all of the codes,” he said. “We had to renovate it because it was a change of use for this building.”
Make My Day is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., but Monika said they are flexible depending on the caregiver’s schedule.
The center charges $9 per hour, $40 for a half day or five hours and $70 for a full day or nine hours. Transportation is provided by clients or their caregivers.
For more information on the center, visit www.makemyday-adcc.com.