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Jury selection begins in Kemar Johnston trial

By Staff | Jan 5, 2010

Jury selection is under way today in the trial of Kemar Johnston, one of the alleged Cash Feenz defendants.
Johnston, 23, faces two counts each of first-degree murder, kidnapping and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon in the 2006 double murders of Alexis and Jeffrey Sosa. He also faces one count of second-degree arson, according to records from the Lee County Clerk of Courts Web site.
Defense attorney David A. Brener of Fort Myers discussed with 20th Judicial Circuit Judge Thomas S. Reese his amended motion requesting a change of venue Monday morning, along with his original motion, due to the publicity surrounding the case. They also discussed questioning the potential jurors on the death penalty and their stance on it, as well as whether certain factors would effect their stance such as peer pressure or the use of drugs and alcohol during the alleged crime.
One hundred people were summoned as possible jurors Monday. Reese excused one man due to a communication barrier — he said he understood “some” English and required a translator — and a woman was dismissed because of an existing medical condition.
Reese then called in the remaining 98 to begin the selection process. The potential jurors were taken in groups to private quarters for questioning by the defense and prosecution.