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Learning how to relax this New Year

By Staff | Dec 31, 2009

Just relax.

Those two words are expressed by family members, friends, co-workers and possibly jail officers to rowdy inmates.

And most of us know that a challenging economy, global and domestic conflicts, environment woes and increasingly more complex way of life can make one – well rather tense.

But being told – almost on command – to relax sometimes can have the reverse affect.

The art of relaxation – you know letting down one’s proverbial hair or simply chilling out and letting the blood pressure fall is not difficult but takes a bit of effort and focus.

But since relaxing is key to helping lower stress, blood pressure, heart rate and the propensity to snap we are publishing a series of ways to relax on the islands.

The islands in and of themselves are more than enough for some folks to relax and feel their pulse slow down.

We will touch on various body/mind fitness techniques such as Qigong – an ancient Chinese system of exercise and meditation – as well as yoga, massage and simple things you can do to help you relax.

With a possible healthcare overhaul in the works, and rising medical costs, a little be of relaxation might go a long way in this new year.

We would also like to hear from your suggestions as to what helps you relax. Does long walks on the beach or a stroll with your dog help you calm down and get in touch with your inner child? Or does a football game with friends and lots of laughs bring you to a Zen moment?

Email your thoughts and ideas for what works for you? Maybe you have the panacea that will help someone else relax. Email Ella Nayor at enayor@breezenewspapers.com or call 472-1587.