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Mr. Billy Has A Big Heart

By Staff | Dec 24, 2009

Everyone on Sanibel and Captiva either knows or has heard of Billy Kirkland, owner of Billy’s Bike. What everyone may not know is how big his heart is.

Susan is a single mom living on Sanibel for a number of years. She works two jobs to support herself and her son, Johnny. Johnny loves his Mom very much and knows how hard she works.

Susan came to the FISH Walk in Center asking if we knew where she could buy a used bicycle for her son. She could not afford to a new bicycle. She went to Noah’s Ark, but there were no bicycles available.

FISH contacted Billy to see if there were any used bicycles available. Billy’s response was “Let me meet Johnny so I can check his size. I’ll get back to you.”

Well, Billy and Johnny met. Over breakfast they got to know each other and quickly became friends. Billy then took Johnny to look at a bicycle and helmet. Once Johnny picked out his bicycle, Billy asked Johnny if his mother had a bicycle. When Johnny replied “No”, Billy’s heart grew even bigger. Susan also now has her own bicycle and helmet.

Before the day ended Johnny and Billy spent several hours biking around the island and getting to know each other even more. Johnny was so happy he told Billy, “Mr. Billy, you are the nicest man I have ever met”.

Christmas came early for Johnny and his mother, Susan. Johnny and Billy are still getting together and enjoying their new friendship.

Thank you Mr. Billy and your Big Heart.