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Island pets decked out for holidays

By Staff | Dec 24, 2009

Felt antlers, plush santa suits with bling and even tiny blue yarmulkes can be seen attached to many pets this year.

Pets – particularly those of the canine persuasion can be spotted jingling and blinking during strolls, shopping or attending a party.

Places around Southwest Florida are even catering to our four-legged furry pets this holiday. There is a Yappy Hour at Bell Tower and countless opportunities for the pooches to encounter Santa claus and even get a picture with the jolly man in red.

Although some pooh pooh this kind of activity as silly or even psychologically traumatizing to pets – most of us tend to see pets dressed up in holiday wear for what it is – a fun, stress-reducing and albeit cute way to enjoy the season – besides the pets find a way to get even with us later. Think chomped up holiday decorations or missing Christmas turkey.

People seem to smile more when they spot a dog donning a Santa suit or reindeer antlers. And what pet lover can resist the sight of Fido laying by a holly and ivy covered hearth or joyfully rolling around a bag of ribbons and bows.

So before you think I have indulged in one two many egg nogs check out this year’s island pet holiday photos.

Happy holidays fellow pet lovers!