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Obama showing some leadership

By Staff | Dec 23, 2009

To the editor,

President Obama and many of his followers have dwelled on the past and attempted to blame George Bush for the country’s ills. The Obama Administration has been in charge for almost a year and should have made more progress towards solving our problems, especially with a Democratic-controlled Congress since 2006.

It is the easy way out to blame others for problems. Bush could have blamed Clinton for decimating our military, but he didn’t.

Bush was castigated for the Iraq war, but it was Rumsfeld who promoted the “shock and awe” war of taking Iraq with 125,000 troops (Rumsfeld originally requested 75,000 troops) when General Shinseki – the Army Chief of Staff – said we needed 250,000 troops to subdue the Iraqi military and the countryside. The General was correct and the result was the military mess in Iraq. General Petraeus finally got enough troops into Iraq to do the job.

Now, President Obama has added 30,000 troops in Afghanistan to try to decimate the Taliban and al Qaeda. We are in Afghanistan and have to win the war or we risk the emboldenment and potential attacks of terrorists throughout the world.

I am pleased President Obama is showing some leadership.

Donald A. Moskowitz

Former AG2 & LT, U.S. Navy

Londonderry, N.H.