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Horton’s Door To Door Auto Transport offers personal, friendly service for islanders’ wheels

By Staff | Dec 23, 2009

Doug Horton got started in the trucking business hauling golf carts more than 30 years ago and wound up owning several country clubs and golf courses in upstate New York.

Today, with over three decades of experience as a Class A Certified CDL driver, he is the owner/operator of Door To Door Auto Transport servicing Sanibel, Captiva and Naples.

Vehicles are transported on a state-of-the-art – maximum three cars – all-aluminum flat carrier which eliminates the “stack-and-rack crunch” potential.

“And we offer enclosed single-car carriers for exotic cars and classics that need special protection,” Doug explained.

As the former owner with his wife, Amy, of Amy’s Over Easy Caf, Doug often heard tales of woe from customers who had sent their cars back from summers up north, only to wind up on the island guessing where, when and in what condition their vehicles would arrive

“Not good,” Doug commented. “Not good for the customer, for the transport company, for anyone. That kind of thing will not happen when I transport a car. This is a one-man operation, I stay in constant communication with my customers, and my reliability and safety standards have earned the company one of the best reputations in the transport business.”

Door To Door is fully licensed, insured and bonded.

“We’re now bringing people back whose cars we took up in the spring,” Doug said.

Coordinating the return is somewhat more complicated than getting the cars to their summer destinations.

“I basically load up at Bailey’s and go from there, usually delivering each car within three days,” he explained, “be it to Petosky, Mich., Portland, Maine or some point in between.”

His business has been servicing over 100 local customers and logging more than 70,000 miles since March of this year.

But there’s no Bailey’s parking lot on the other end of the trip.

“Fortunately, my customers realize they have to be somewhat flexible in their scheduling,” Horton said. “My being local probably helps a lot – they know me… and they have known me for a while. And I think the regular communication has really been helpful. I try to think about ‘What would I want?'”

Doug’s “co-driver” on each of his trips is Gorgeous George, a 110-pound

black Labrador Retriever.

“He hasn’t missed a trip yet, and he’s great company,” he added. “Knows where all the rest stops are and keeps me alert.”

The only drawback is that Gorgeous George needs help getting up into Doug’s oversized pickup truck.

“Not sure how long I can keep lifting 110 pounds carefully and gently,” he said with a laugh. “Can’t tell you how many laughs we’ve afforded people watching George getting into and out of the truck!”

Contact Doug Horton at Door To Door Auto Transport by calling 239-898-9776 or by sending an e-mail to ahortonlogistics@yahoo.com .