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EDITORIAL: Pass (on) the stuffing, please

By Staff | Dec 23, 2009

Christmas has finally arrived, and all of us here at the Island Reporter would like to wish our readers a safe, fun and festive holiday.

However, we would also like to caution everybody in advance of their traditional Christmas dinner with all of the trimmings just what their bodies are in for:

Six ounces of roasted turkey = 450 calories

One cup of mashed potatoes = 350 calories

One cup of homemade stuffing = 400 calories

One cup of peas (with butter) = 150 calories

One half cup of giblet gravy = 150 calories

One half cup of cranberry sauce = 200 calories

Add those all together on one plate and you’ll be looking at a 1,700 calorie meal… and that doesn’t include and second helpings, as we are often accustomed to indulging in.

But before you say to yourself, “Well, 1,700 calories is a lot… I’ll just skip the snacks before supper or go for a long walk in the evening,” here’s another warning: that figure doesn’t take into account any beverages (there are plenty of calories in beer, wine, hard liquor and soft drinks, too… to say nothing for a single cup of egg nog: 400 calories).

And don’t forget about dessert. A slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream is about 450 calories. A slice of pecan pie alone is 650 calories.

Altogether, you could easily be looking at a 3,000-plus calorie meal on Christmas.

We aren’t trying to ruin anybody’s holiday or bring on a bout of post-dinner depression. We are simply mentioning just how one day of indulgence could affect your waistline. Perhaps your body would be better off taking a pass on a second helping or cutting down on some of the higher calorie offerings. Use salt sparingly and drink lots of water to fill yourself.

Chances are you’ll be happier after the holidays that you did!

Merry Christmas, one and all!

– Reporter editorial