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Former Cape councilman Tony Rotino dies

By Staff | Dec 22, 2009

Cape Coral lost one of its most beloved citizens on Tuesday when Tony Rotino passed away at Gulf Coast Village at the age of 95.
Rotino was a city council member for 16 years, serving between 1978 and 1994.
People who worked with and knew Rotino remembered him as someone who cared deeply for Cape Coral and his job as a city councilman.
“He was a consummate public servant,” said former Mayor Joe Mazurkiewicz, who worked with Rotino on City Council. “Tony was a guy that everyone went to to get the little things done, all the things that meant so much to the people of this community.”
The senior center that bares his name is one of his greatest, if not most dogged achievements, Mazurkiewicz said.
Rotino would regularly plead his case before Lee County commissioners, trying to get as much funding for the senior center and senior programs as possible.
“Annually he made his pilgrimage to get funding for that building … and used his persuasive abilities with county commission,” Mazurkiewicz.
Former Mayor Roger Butler, who served under Rotino as police chief, said the long-time resident was very careful as to how he spent the city’s money and that every decision he made was in the best interests of the citizens.
“Everything he did was for the city. He made sure everything went smoothly,” Butler said.
Former City Councilmember Dolores Bertolini said Rotino was a great guy, and that she went to him after arriving in Cape Coral to learn everything about their city.
“He was a gracious gentleman and a good council member,” Bertolini said. “He left a lot behind for us and did a lot for this city. Cape Coral lost another icon.”
Funeral arrangements were being made Tuesday, but the schedule is unknown.