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CEPD announces record parking revenue 

By Staff | Dec 16, 2009

The Captiva Erosion Prevention District announced on Monday, Dec. 14 that total receipts from the beach parking lot it manages were $161,236.67 for fiscal year 2009.

According to senior administrative consultant Kathleen Rooker, the 2009 receipts (net of taxes) are now more than double what parking yielded in prior years.

“The receipts from parking revenues over the previous four years have averaged about $65,000 to $70,000. But, 2009’s receipts are truly remarkable,” Rooker said.

Rooker attributed most of the increase in revenues to scrupulous management procedures the CEPD put in place in the summer of 2008 for handling parking money.

By fall of 2008, the receipts were already trending higher, and have since increased about 60 percent. The methods used: checks and balances, Wachovia’s Chuck Pack independently counting the money and the CEPD matches that count to their separate records.

Added factors include emptying the machines regularly, routine maintenance and, since early 2009, the installation of another parking machine which takes credit cards.

“Installing a second machine gave us the ability to accept credit-card payments for parking fees, reduced lines and ‘walk offs’ as well as providing much-needed redundancy,” explained Rooker. Now CEPD no longer has times when a machine malfunction deprives them of revenue.

CEPD chairman Mullins praised the management efforts.

“This outcome is a fitting return and consistent with the CEPD’s reorganization and extra hard work. The net receipts from parking amounts to approximately 90 percent of the gross and 100 percent goes to reserves for beach nourishment; once again reducing property owners’ future assessments,” Mullins said.

For more information, contact the CEPD at 472-2472 or by email, at mycepd@gmail.com.