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‘Dallas’ cast reunion in Naples postponed until ‘better times’ in 2010

By Staff | Dec 15, 2009

For the first time ever, 12 “Dallas” cast members planned to gather to host a New Year’s-themed fundraising celebration in Naples to benefit the J. Timothy Hogan Foundation, a local non-profit that works to help children suffering from depression and to prevent suicide, has now been postponed until the economy improves.

The two-day event, titled “The Ewings of Dallas New Year’s Eve Safari Gala,” created a lot of excitement and interest. The well-organized gala was to have taken place at the Naples Hilton Towers and the Naples Grande Beach Resort on Dec. 30 and 31.

Cast members scheduled to attend included Larry Hagman, Steve Kanaly, Ken Kerchavel, Jack Scalia, Jared Martin, Christopher Atkins, Charlene Tilton, Susan Howard, Sheree J. Wilson, Deborah Shelton, Joan Van Ark and Audrey Landers. All are equally disappointed but remain on board for a to-be-announced date in 2010.

Jeanne Jackson, director of the J. Timothy Hogan Foundation, reported to be 100 tickets shy of confirming the event last week.

“The interest was there, with phone calls and e-mails requesting information and over 3,500 hits on our www.jthogan.org Web site since ticket sales opened on Sept. 1,” said Jackson. “But the economy hit us hard.”

All tickets have been either refunded, gifted in donations or some ticket holders have opted to wait for the rescheduled date.

The first ticket purchasers, Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Wilson, are waiting for the reschedule to meet Larry Hagman and the cast. Jordan, 25, and Kayla, 22, are residents of Bartlesville, Okla. Wilson is owner and operator of 110 oil wells in northeast Oklahoma and southeast Kansas.

“As a teenager, my favorite show was ‘Dallas,’ of course,” he said. “I got started watching reruns when TNN aired them several years ago. I became fascinated with the show, storyline and, of course, J.R. Ewing. The show was a strong contributing factor to why I got started in the oil business about eight or nine years ago and have went from two oil wells to over 100 of them.

“I have had a lot of good luck to help me along, though,” Jordan added. “When I first got into the business, oil was only about $20 per barrel, and I’m sure you have seen the ups and downs since then, but I’m still at it.”

Sounds like J.R. himself would be mighty proud!