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Sanibel School receives new safety helmets from Bike Club

By Staff | Dec 14, 2009

The Sanibel School physical education teacher Debbie Kridle has included a bicycling safety curriculum within her classes for third and fourth graders for many years. Her classes teach children the skills that are needed to bike safely on the island’s Shared Use Paths, and students who successfully complete the program are issued a “license” that allows them to participate in school field trips that utilize the paths.

When the Sanibel Bicycle Club asked Kridle what assistance she might like to support her efforts, her answer was that the old safety helmets used for the program needed to be replaced.

So, the Bike Club promised to do just that!

“Most people don’t realize that bike helmets can eventually wear out. They lose their strength with age, exposure to the elements and particularly if they have taken a hard hit from a fall,” said Club President Bill Sartoris. “They need to be replaced periodically to provide maximum protection.”

As things turned out, obtaining new helmets was easier for the club than expected. As part of the local Bike Safety Rodeo recently conducted by Billy Kirkland and several other community groups including the Sanibel Bicycle Club, local bicycling advocate Dan Moser obtained a supply of new children’s helmets from the Florida Department of Transportation. Some were used during the event, but about 30 of the new helmets were left over… just the number needed at The Sanibel School.

Sartoris recently presented them to an appreciative Kridle for use in her safety program.