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Council to debate fate of KC’s River Stop

By Staff | Dec 7, 2009

City Council will start deciding the future of a Cape Coral landmark Monday, as they open discussions on KC’s River Stop.
The long-time favorite Yacht Club watering hole’s lease expires in the middle of 2010, and the city is expected to put out a request for proposal for potential new tenants.
Word that the city would not attempt renegotiated the lease spread quickly several months ago, prompting thousands of loyal KC’s customers to rally behind a petition drive.
Carmine and Betty Serrago, who’ve owned the restaurant, bait shop and fuel stop for 16 years, said they would renegotiate the terms of their lease, but wanted first rights of refusal before an RFP was put out.
The Serrago’s currently pay $1,000 a month in rent, or 6 cents on every gallon of gas they sell, which ever amount is greater.
The Serrago’s collected close to 2,000 signatures in support of their cause.
“A lot of people are telling me, I’m glad you’re still here, but I’m telling them its not over yet,” Betty said. “I’m asking them to show up on Monday and show their support again.”
Mayor John Sullivan said he supports the Serragos and their establishment.
As the only restaurant at the Yacht Club, and the only truly affordable waterfront eatery in the Cape, Sullivan said it would being doing a disservice to families looking for an affordable day at the beach if KC’s were to close.
“Its the only place on the river people can afford to go to,” he said. “People seem to want it, so they should have it.”
The Mayor said he expects council to have a good discussion on the subject, and that they will all take it very seriously.
He added that he is in favor of more revenue for the location, but not at the expense of either the Serragos, or the families who enjoy it.
“Its the only place I know of where you can get a dollar beer and a dollar hotdog and watch a nice sunset,” he said.
City Council is set to meet Monday at 4:30 pm at city hall.