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Chinese drywall focus of rally at Shell Factory

By Staff | Dec 3, 2009

A toxic drywall rally this weekend in North Fort Myers has organizers hoping their efforts will bring attention to the effects the drywall has on children and families.
Called the Rally for the Cause, the event is the combined efforts of two families, Brenda and George Brincku of Alva and Richard and Patti Kampf of Cape Coral.
The Kampfs have been living with Chinese drywall for just over two years.
Richard Kampf said he previously testified before the U.S. Congress regarding Chinese drywall, and that his home has been part of a study conducted by the Consumer Product Safety Commission trying to link the drywall to reported health and safety issues.
Kampf previously held smaller drywall rallies at the Cape Coral library.
“This is another episode in our effort to highlight the problem, but this is directed at children and health problems in kids,” he said.
Rally for the Cause will be held from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday at the Shell Factory & Nature Park.
In keeping with the theme of children, special rates for the nature park and petting farm, bumper boats, new Money Museum, and the natural history exhibit and miniature golf will be available.
Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp will also be on hand to say few words. Kottkamp’s home has reportedly been built using Chinese drywall.
Organizers are asking attendees to bring photographs of their families so that legislators can put a face on the lives of those living with toxic drywall.
Kampf said the grassroots efforts of his group have done well, encouraging people to raise their voices in an effort to be heard.
The problem is so new though that government agencies are having a hard time trying to decide how best to deal with it, he said. Many ideas have been thrown around, including having FEMA offer homeowners rental assistance, but nothing has been decided.
Until federal assistance can find its way to Cape Coral, however, a state of emergency has to be declared by the EPA, the CPSC or Gov. Charlie Crist.
“If Charlie Crist declared this an emergency, like he would with a hurricane or flood, there could be some federal funding come through,” Kampf said. “But he has yet to consider doing that.”
For more information, contact Richard Kampf at seaisle7109@comcast.net.