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Livingston Taylor to bring gift of song to Sanibel

By Staff | Nov 27, 2009

There are some people you feel you have known a lifetime even if you met them but seconds ago.

Singer-songwriter Livingston Taylor is one of those people.

Taylor, a well-known performer, will be belting out his work at BIG ARTS on Saturday, Nov. 28.

For more than 30 years Taylor’s easy going personality and extensive musical repertoire has made him a favorite among fans. He has recorded 13 albums, and written most of his music, including Top Forty hits “I Will Be in Love with You” and “I’ll Come Running”. According to press reports he wrote songs for his well-known musical brother James Taylor, “I Can Dream of You”, “Going Round One More Time”, and “Boatman” (off the double Grammy-winning album Hourglass).

His extensive repertoire, traverses many musical genres including, folk, pop, gospel, jazz. Audiences tend to be fond of Taylor’s intimate connection he has with everyone. He is known to tell stories during singing engagements.

Taylor values his relationship with his audience; he’s been sharing his understanding of the intricacies of that relationship with young musicians through a stage performance course that he’s taught at Berklee College of Music since 1985, according to a BIG ARTS press release.

He calls an audience’s attention “a gift,” and he tries to make sure everyone goes home after the concert feeling he or she got more than their money’s worth. It’s partly that care and consideration that has kept fans coming back again and again after nearly 40 years.

As Taylor puts it, “Your audience is your only reason for being on stage … your music means nothing, except as it reaches an audience.”

Popular island singer Danny Morgan organized Taylor’s return to Sanibel. Morgan and Taylor are friends and have performed together, including a duet they sang “Love is for Everyone.”

Morgan calls Taylor an “accomplished acoustic guitar player and master picker”.

During a recent telephone interview, Taylor said he is thrilled to be coming back to Sanibel.

“Sanibel has a knowledgeable, sophisticated audience,” he said.

Taylor chatted about some of the pieces he looks forward to playing while here next week.

“I get to break out some really terrific Broadway tunes,” he said. “I love hitting them with Rodgers and Hammerstein.”

He will be also performing songs from his newly-recorded CD, Last Alaska Moon, along with his familiar favorites. Recorded over the summer in Nashville, Last Alaska Moon is a continuation of his 2005 release, “There You Are Again”, according to a BIG ARTS press release.

The new CD features many of the same musicians who Taylor calls, “some of the best players on the planet.” Although Last Alaska Moon isn’t due out until mid-November, all early signs point to a vintage Taylor production with smart and graceful lyrics accompanied by lush instrumental performances. Songs from of the new CD are now playing on YouTube. Even though he describes his latest CDs as a “true labor of love,” he’ll probably want to see how local listeners react.

Livingston Taylor concert sponsored by Bob Wigley and Ann Moran, and West Gulf Co. LLC.

Tickets are $46 loge, $41 floor, and student $15.

For information, stop by BIG ARTS, 900 Dunlop Road Sanibel, call 395-0900, e-mail info@BIGARTS.org, or log on to www.BIGARTS.org.

To learn more about Taylor go to his web site www.livtaylor.com.

(Press reports contributed to this story.)