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Organic ‘Maxwell’ cleaning offers safe, biodegradable process

By Staff | Nov 24, 2009

Maxwell The Cleaners is the only 100 percent organic wet cleaning facility in Lee County and proud to offer a healthy alternative to traditional dry cleaning methods which use either perchloroethylene (perc) or hydcrocarbon methods, both of which are recognized as potential carcinogens.

The “Maxwell” process is instead an aquegeous system that was developed in Europe more than 10 years ago, using biodegradable detergents followed by special restorative additives that actually return garments to their original appearance and texture. Developed in Germany through a cooperative effort between appliance manufacturer Miele and detergent maker Kreussler, the result was a process that effectively cleans all garments – including delicate woolens and silks – through safe and biodegradable wet cleaning methods.

Highly sophisticated computer-controlled injection systems limit the amount of time and solutions according to the specific garment requirements. Water absorption, agitation and temperature are strictly controlled, following which special tensioning equipment helps restore the garment’s original shape prior to the special pressing and finishing process. Conditioners and surfactants are introduced that actually restore the fabric, reducing the number of future stains and brightening colors.

In fact, looking back you’ll probably remember that many water-borne stains don’t come out with traditional dry cleaning; wet cleaning methods are actually more effective at removing these stains without damaging the fabric. And all the solutions can be poured down the sink without danger of polluting the water supply.

The technique has been widely adopted in California, where it is being actively promoted as a replacement for perc and other hydrocarbon methods for cleaning garments labeled “Dry Clean Only.”

In addition to a unique method of cleaning your clothes, Maxwell The Cleaners offers full service for bedding, rugs, curtains, linens; leather and suede cleaning; wedding gown preservation; VIP wash-and-fold service, alterations and repairs. They replace buttons free of charge, and truly understand the special care designer garments require. They are the cleaners of record for Saks Fifth Avenue. And they offer door-to-door Valet Service at no extra charge.

Owner Rick Elliott was a general contractor locally for 20 years before he took on the dry cleaning business (I guess “wet-cleaning business” is more appropriate). The customer service area in the shop shows his attention to that kind of detail.

“I remebered the original Chico’s on Sanibel,” Elliott said. “The boutique-y atmosphere it had. That’s what I tried to do here.”

Indeed, the customer service area is quite boutique-y and there’s NO dry cleaning smell!

Maxwell The Cleaners is located at 16731 McGregor Boulevard in the Tropicana Center at John Morris Road (across from Starz Pizza) in Fort Myers. Rick invites you to “See, touch and feel the difference” between his results and the results from other dry cleaners. He runs an owner-operated cleaning plant in order to ensure that his customers and their clothes receive superior service. He does ask for a reasonable minimum number of orders to establish a pick-up and delivery account.

In addition, Elliott is considering becoming involved in the Sanibel Farmer’s Market on Sundays at Tahitian Gardens and offering the “Maxwell” line of German organic

detergents and laundering solutions for use in the home.

For questions or additional information, call 239-437-9915.