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Holiday book sale to benefit students, classrooms

By Staff | Nov 24, 2009

Lee County schools will host a Holiday Warehouse Book Sale in December where members of the community can purchase books and gifts at discounted prices.
The book sale is a partnership between the Lee County School District and Scholastic Book Fairs. The average reduced cost is approximately 50 percent, said Maria Schneider with the Curriculum and Staff Development.
“Pretty much everything is half off the cover price,” she said. “There are some things less than that and some are more than that.”
Cover prices are reduced anywhere between 25 and 80 percent.
Scholastic regularly hosts book fairs within schools in Lee County and the warehouse sale — modeled on a school book sale — will be on a much larger scale.
“It is similar to what a Scholastic Book Fair at a school is, but there is a lot more,” said Schneider.
The warehouse sale at the Lee Education Center at 2855 Colonial Blvd. is open to teachers, parents and the general public. Entrance to the sale is through the center’s east entrance.
District officials have organized a warehouse book sale since May and December since last year. Schneider said she hopes the semi-annual sale will continue in the future.
Seven district volunteers — made up of reading coaches, teachers, staff development staff, students and community members — are organizing the event. The district is still accepting volunteers and anyone interested can call 335-1423.
The event raises funding for schools and students in need.
“It will go to schools that are in need of classroom library materials,” she said.
New teachers who need to build up their own classroom library collection will receive some of the proceeds as will migrant or homeless students who are involved in the district’s tutoring program.
“We will make sure they get at least one book,” she said.