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Council to slate goal-setting session

By Staff | Nov 21, 2009

City Council plans to start envisioning its long-term goals for Cape Coral on Monday by setting a date for a “Strategic Planning Session.”
Mayor John Sullivan said it’s part of his effort to create transparency in governmental process.
He said he also plans on discussing ways to reduce city spending, an effort he hopes that all of city council participates in by bringing fresh ideas to the table.
He added that he plans on discussing an idea from former mayor Arnold Kempe, who suggested creating a special assessment area for unimproved lots.
He said the money earned from the idea would help to pay off the RO Water Plant in five years, erasing $140 million in debt.
Even if that idea were to shake out, Sullivan warned that it will take many long-term visions to pull the city out of debt.
He welcomes all ideas, from staff, council, or the public.
“There’s no short-term fix, no magic wand to fix all of these problems,” Sullivan said. “We’re a long time getting into these problems, and it’s going to take a while to get out of them.”
District 1 Councilmember Marty McClain equated the as yet to be scheduled meeting as a “meeting of the minds” to help move the city forward.
“One of the things been important is coming up with an implementation on the approach for the new budget,” he said.
As the 2010 – 2011 city budget will be a focus for McClain, he said he expects city staff to come to the meeting prepared to contribute.
“My thoughts are, if they’re not preparing for the future you’re already behind,” he said of his expectations for city staff.
City Council meets on Monday, Nov 23, at 4 p.m. at city hall.