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‘Sin Social,’ movie by Cape resident, to premier tonight

By Staff | Nov 20, 2009

Cape Coral resident Guillermo Salamanca’s award-winning independent film “Sin Social” will premiere tonight at the Sidney and Berne Davis Arts Center in Fort Myers.
The film, written and directed by Salamanca, was shot in Southwest Florida to showcase the plights and injustices of immigrants in the communities of Naples, Fort Myers and Cape Coral.
“They have many troubles because they have no legal documents,” he said. “They find many problems with their situation.
Salamanca said he decided to produce the film after witnessing hate crimes against immigrants in Southwest Florida.
A native resident of Colombia, he moved to the United States with 17 years of experience in the film and broadcast journalism industries, and he has lived in Cape Coral for the past six years.
Salamanca said the film took two years to complete and it was a recent winner of the Platinum Reel Award at the Nevada Film Festival.
It shows the struggles of families who escape their own countries for better opportunities, political asylum or freedom in the United States, only to be roadblocked by political obstacles and social injustices.
“To me, ‘Sin Social’ is a movie that shows much of the truth that is secretly kept by the immigration authorities and the victims,” Salamanca said.
Besides using true stories to show why significant immigration reform is needed, he said the film may serve as a survival tool for immigrants currently residing in the United States.
Salamanca expects the premiere to be somewhat tumultuous because of the film’s controversial themes.
“There will be a lot of controversy because of the content of this movie,” he said. “Immigrants coming from different countries don’t know the real situation here.”
Starring Duvier Poviones from Cuba and Lorena Priscila from Ecuador, “Sin Social” had 250 people involved in its production.
The sound track was written, composed and performed by Cristal Marie, winner of the 2009 Casandra Award for Best Female Singer.
“Sin Social” premieres at 6 p.m. A red carpet ceremony will precede the screening.
For more information on the film or to view the trailer, visit: www.sinsocialmovie1.com.