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Wake up, America

By Staff | Nov 19, 2009

To the editor,

Three little thoughts, but very important ones as we hear final arguments for healthcare reform:

Ever increasing cost of insurance

Coverage for uninsured.

The deficit.

An analogy for present status quo is a house on fire. Fist you put out the fire; second you borrow money to fix your house; and thirdly, you pay back your initial expenses.

President Obama’s plans will put out the fire of ever-increasing healthcare costs for all.

The deficit may go up in the second phase. In the third stage, all insurance costs will go down, more will be insured. These savings will help to reduce the deficit in the next 10 years.

The dividend to all Americans is making the U.S., more competitive in the global marketplace.

The European Union, as well as individual nations subsidize their products, making it so very difficult for the U.S. to compete. The latest example of this loss of a competitive edge is Aerobus (subsidized by the European Union) got a huge contract with a better bid than Boeing Aircraft in the U.S.

These are American jobs going elsewhere.

Wake up, America. The rest of the world is not sleeping.

Joan Patterson

Lehigh Acres