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Our national deficit

By Staff | Nov 19, 2009

To the editor,

Did you know that Iceland is bankrupt? That’s right. It can happen to a country and it might happen to ours. The American dollar is worth half of what it was just five years ago!

You may not have to worry about your grandchildren so much. They will have jobs making lead-painted toys and cheap fans for China, who will own us by then!

Our national debt costs this country $500 million a day to service. That could double if cap and trade, government takeover of health care, stimulus packages that we can not even pinpoint where most of the money is going and other programs that add to the national debt.

You must contact your senators and representatives and tell them not to pass another law that adds to the national deficit now! China is waiting for your inaction.

Capt. Barry August

St. James City