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Girls rule and boys, too in Sanibel Youth Soccer

By Staff | Nov 17, 2009

Sanibel Youth Soccer is a co-ed league with girls and boys on each team in all divisions. This past Saturday, however, teams split up to play boys vs. boys and girls vs. girls in the U-10 and U-12 divisions. This was the second of two such weeks this year and all games counted in the overall standings.

In U-10, the combined Portugal and Italy girl’s team played to a 1-1 tie against Holland and Brazil. The Holland/Brazil boys, however, were able to each garner three points for their team by taking a 3-1 win in the boy’s game. With just one game left to determine the final regular season standings, Holland is one point ahead of Brazil for second place. Portugal remains at the top of the standings and will play either Holland or Brazil in this Saturday’s championship game.

The highlight of the day was the boy’s battle in U-12. Brazil paired up with Jamaica to take on England and Italy. After 58 minutes of end-for-end action, the two exhausted teams remained scoreless and it looked to all that the game would end 0-0. Brazil’s Griffin Kupsaw summoned enough energy for one final push, sneaking his last minute shot just past the outstretched arms of the opposing keeper. “GOOAAL!” and the win went to the teams from south of the border.

Italy will take on Brazil in this Saturday’s championship game while England and Jamaica will battle it out for third.

In U-15, a resurgent Brazil took advantage of a depleted Ireland side and was able to secure a win behind goals from Maven McIntosh and Josh Olson.

The season concludes this weekend with the championship games and trophy presentations.