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Jazz quartet finds place to call home at Anthony’s on the Blvd.

By Staff | Nov 13, 2009

Father Al and the Jazz Congregation will continue to play live music at Anthony’s on the Blvd. every Tuesday from 6-10 p.m. due to the great response they have received from residents.
Al Ferrante said that after their opening night performance Sept. 22, they decided to continue to fill the air with their unique jazz sounds at Anthony’s on the Blvd.
The band plays a songlist that includes selections from the music of John Coltrane to today’s artists Nora Jones and Diana Krall, which is “a truly diversified program that varies weekly,” he said.
Ferrante said the band began to play weekly at Anthony’s on the Blvd. because there are no venues available for individuals who enjoy listening to jazz music.
“There are lots of other venues in the Cape that have rock ‘n’ roll bands, blues bands and folk singers, but jazz commands a special audience of true jazz lovers,” he said.
Ferrante said reservations are not required, but the owner of the restaurant encourages people to do so if there is a large party.
He said some nights the restaurant is very well attended and other nights the audience is thin.
“I must say that everyone who has been there are jazz fans and I believe a true jazz audience is growing weekly,” Ferrante said. “The atmosphere is relaxed and casual.”
The jazz music is free, he said, adding that those who come to listen to the music “usually end up staying for dinner or appetizers while they listen and or dance.”
Ferrante said the name Father Al began as a joke, and then later became a nickname for the band.
“When I started my band, I picked Father Al and then looked for names that matched,” he said. “The Congregation just fit.”
The band is comprised of four musicians, which consists of female vocalist Kathy Buda, Woody Brubaker, who plays the piano and keyboards, bassist Bob Guck and drum and percussionist Ferrante.
“During the past two or three years we’ve all worked with each other in different local bands,” he said. “I pulled everyone together about six months ago to form the Jazz Congregation.”
Ferrante said the band sometimes brings in additional musicians on occasions such as weddings and corporate parties.
“This is a classic jazz quartet,” he said. “Our music spans decades of great American jazz songs and jazz standards.”
Anthony’s on the Blvd. is located at 1303 Del Prado Blvd. S.