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Vicki Marcus rejoices over time spent with island friend

By Staff | Nov 12, 2009

I had the good fortune to meet Millie Smith Gold several years ago. She had broken her hip and was in the hospital. Not having any family near by I went to visit her. This was the beginning of a wonderful friendship. When she came home and was housebound I spent every Tuesday afternoon with her. We loved to discuss books, politics, news, current events, recipes, our families, and yes even the occasional gossip. Having lived here for 30 years, there wasn’t much Millie didn’t know about Sanibel, or it’s residents. No one ever left Millie’s home without a jar of jelly, or a bottle of wine, or mangos from her beautiful trees. Millie had a love of life and was so appreciative of her friends and family.

When I last saw Millie on Oct. 22 at Hope Hospice, I knew that was our last visit. She was very weak, but kissed me and said I’ll miss you. Sadly Monday morning Nov. 1, she passed away. I was on my way home from California and received the message upon landing in Dallas. She is survived by her sons Herb and Ian and many grandchildren.

Tuesdays will never be the same for me. We will all miss you, be at peace.