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New District 1 rep says job creation key to getting Cape back on track

By Staff | Nov 7, 2009

Incoming council member Kenneth “Marty” McClain addressed the business community at a Council for Progress meeting Friday, making a first public appearance since winning his district race Tuesday night.
After Council for Progress made various announcements for those in attendance, McClain was provided with the opportunity to speak about topics he felt were important and the audience had the chance to ask him questions.
McClain, who will represent District 1, which includes the city’s downtown, first spoke about his primary focus and goal — jobs.
“I know what it takes to put people back to work,” he said, adding that he wants to work with the construction industry to help produce jobs.
“We have to get shovels in the ground,” McClain said.
He said he hopes his fellow council members “will look forward because we can’t undo what has been done,” to help the economy of Cape Coral progress again.
McClain told the audience Friday morning that Cape Coral has a great deal of talent within the walls of the city and individuals need to start thinking positive and move forward.
He also addressed the topic of the Aquatic Center, a project in the planning stage, for the north Cape.
“I plan on embracing this project,” he said although at first he did not support it. “It is a great project.”
He said his mind changed because of the amount of businesses that will be built around the Aquatic Center will generate tax dollars for the city. McClain said he wants to educate the public “of what this project can do for this city.”
Before McClain finished his speech he assured the crowd that he is 100 percent committed to the city of Cape Coral.
“We have a city to build,” he said.
McClain said during the meeting that he welcomes anyone who has concerns or ideas to contact him.
“My door will be open,” he said.
McClain said he has figured out in the past 48-72 hours how many e-mails he can receive and he believes every one of those emails needs a response.
BJM Consulting Vice President Heather Mazurkiewicz asked McClain what the residents of Cape Coral, along with business owners can do to help him as a council member.
“Attend the meetings is key,” he said. “Show up at these meetings and convey your ideas, give us ideas and solutions instead of telling us what we are doing wrong.”
McClain said those who wish to speak during the call to public should start by telling the council members why they moved to Cape Coral.
“I would like to know them,” he said.
Mazurkiewicz said an e-mail invitation was sent out to all the incoming officials following Tuesday’s general election.
Incoming mayor John Sullivan and incoming council members Chris Chulakes-Leetz and Kevin McGrail were not available.