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Family requests send mail to son at Navy boot camp

By Staff | Nov 5, 2009

The parents of a Navy recruit training at boot camp are requesting the community send letters to their son while he is away for the next couple of weeks.

Sanibel residents Charlie and Liz Forbes are encouraging residents to send news of events and mail to their son John, 22, who joined the Navy in August. He is at the Great Lakes Training Center in Illinois where he is going through boot camp.

John Forbes used to work at Schnapper’s Hots and the Mango Bay retail shop on Sanibel. He met and became acquainted with a lot of people while working here.

“He misses everybody at home,” said Charlie Forbes. “He wants to know what’s going on the islands.”

He used to be in the know and enjoy hearing local stories. Communication is a rare commodity for the young man these days. At boot camp he is not permitted to receive phone calls, use the Internet or read a newspaper.

But he can receive mail.

“He constantly laments that he does not get enough mail at boot camp,” Charlie Forbes said. “He just wants some news from the outside world.”

John Forbes will be staying at boot camp until Thanksgiving. He is training to be a warfare computer engineer. Upon graduation he is expected to be working on a nuclear submarine, Charlie Forbes said.

Former employer George Schnapp is delighted for a community letter writing campaign to start.

Schnapp said John Forbes was a lot of fun to work with and a good employee.

“Anything that we can do help him get through,” Schnapp said.

To mail John Forbes write to:


DIV 902 SHIP 06