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Church to host diet, stress seminar

By Staff | Nov 5, 2009

The Seventh-day Adventist Church of Cape Coral will host a free Lifestyle Matters Simple Solutions for Diet and Stress two-week seminar beginning Monday.
The seminar will be held at 7 p.m. Monday, Tuesday and Nov. 16-17.
The seminar will feature interactive presentations, video instruction, recipe demonstrations with a handful of healthy food samples and a break-out session for practical tips on how to make lifestyle choices that are simple to reduce stress.
It will also touch upon simple choices, which can help individuals lose unwanted pounds, reduce the risk of diseases, increase energy, fight depression and moodiness, increase sleep, improve the ability to think more quickly and clearly, increase productivity and decrease stress-proneness.
“The Lifestyle Matters Simple Solutions for Diet and Stress Seminar teaches people how to make simple, affordable, effective food choices as a way to reduce stress and increase their energy level,” Roger Lucas, local seminar director, and Teresa Lucas said in a prepared statement.
Those who attend the seminar will receive a great deal of printed information, along with healthy recipes.
Cape Coral resident Rita Hartman attended the Back to Nature Organic Market in Cape Coral last fall.
“The few hours I spent at a Simple Solutions seminar have changed my life forever,” she said in a prepared statement. “I’m so glad I came. The seminar not only helped me lose weight, it’s changed my attitude. I’m not nearly as stressed anymore.”
Lucas said she has also utilized the simple tips she learned in a similar seminar before becoming the local sponsor of the program through the Get A Life! Foundation.
“I get fewer stress headaches and I think more clearly now,” she said in a prepared statement. “And when my doctor ordered my blood test, the results show decreased cholesterol and lower triglycerides. That is great, and I am happy about that, but what impacts how I feel on day-to-day basis is that I also have more energy and I sleep better, too.”
Lucas said she has lost 20 pounds and her husband has lost 10 pounds by using the information they have learned from the seminars.
“Stress eats up $43.7 billion every year in job and health related costs,” according to the LifeStyle Matters Simple Solutions Seminar.
Advanced registration is recommended for the seminar, but is not required to attend.
The church health ministries department provides periodical seminars as a way to give back to its community.
Seventh-day Adventist Church of Cape Coral is located at 1813 El Dorado Parkway W.
For information, call 217-0484.