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District 6 seat goes to McGrail

By Staff | Nov 4, 2009

Kevin McGrail won the District 6 city council seat Tuesday night in a close race with John F. Cataldi Jr.
McGrail earned 8,761 votes or 52 percent for the north Cape Coral district, and Cataldi received 7,986 votes or 48 percent.
“All I can say for all of those people who voted for me, thanks so much for my support and I will work hard to earn that trust they put in me,” McGrail said. “I’m very humbled by the number of people who supported me tonight.”
New council members will take their seat for the first time Monday night.
McGrail said he wants to examine the city budget using true numbers and not interpretation.
“I don’t have to go on hearsay and political spin,” he said. “I can look at numbers that are factual and make real decisions.”
McGrail said he is bothered by the various budget figures he has heard during council meetings.
“I’m feeling real good about being able to make some really well informed decisions on council,” he said.
Cataldi is disappointed at his loss, but said the people have spoken. He added that he is not sure if he will run for council again in the future.
“It was close, but that’s what elections are all about,” he said.
Starting today, Cataldi will report to the Cape Coral Citizen’s Academy.
On Tuesday voters seemed concerned over rising taxes and the city’s utilities expansion project.
“It’s taxes, and they raised millage rates. It makes a difference,” said Diane Cohen, a 30-year resident of Cape Coral. “I heard some older residents were getting some of the tax raises.”
She added that the new council has to deal with the utilities issue because it is not going away.
“It is an extra cost, but in two years it will be more,” Cohen said.
Her husband, Marvin, said that as an American, it is his right to vote.
“We wanted to stay with the people that we voted for,” he said.
Bambi Giles said she wanted to exercise her right as a citizen to vote on Election Day.
“I thought about the consistency of the process and being aware of the issues,” she said.
Other voters said they got out to vote on the mayor’s race between incumbent Jim Burch and candidate John Sullivan.
There was no incumbent in District 6.
Election results are unofficial until certified by the Lee County Supervisor of Elections Office.