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So often incorrect

By Staff | Oct 15, 2009

To the editor,

I wonder if the only letters to the editor you receive are from this person in Londonderry, N.H.? I do understand that views expressed are opinions and, of course, they are not your opinions, right? However, it is distressing to constantly be subjected to this one person on such a regular basis, especially when the so-called information he provides is so often incorrect.

A case-in-point would be his statement about health care reform costing so much. The Congressional Budget Office has done a review of the costs and says that it will actually save billions. Who to believe? I do agree that the bill as it stands now is not good. We need to help people, not kill them. Right now, we are killing 122 a day because they do not have insurance and cannot get insurance.

The bill we are looking at right now is going to pay the insurance companies more money than they already get from us. Money they get for not keeping us healthy, for not covering us properly. What we need is a public option that actually allows people to choose (an option does not mean someone will force you to choose) to get government sponsored health care, if they want it. Medicare, for instance, provides great care for a reasonable price – I know because I have it. The Veterans Administration does the same.

Now to speak to the rant about socialized medicine, before the person in N.H. brings it up, let us look at that argument. Should we get rid of the following government programs (socialized programs): the military, the postal service, the national parks, Medicare, etc.? Those programs are all run by the government. Does that make us socialist? Well, if it does, I like it.

Lena Mills Williams