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Sanibel Softball League: Beachview Rec-N-Crew grills Great White

By Staff | Oct 13, 2009

After four straight weeks of rainouts, the Sanibel Softball League resumed play last Wednesday night.

The first game of the evening was the Beachview Rec-N-Crew versus the Great White Grill. Over the past six seasons, these two teams have played a total of 13 times and has become the bitterest rivalry in league history. The last time these two teams met, Beachview ‘wrecked’ the Great White Grill 17-5. But the Grill was determined to give the Rec-N-Crew a taste of their buns this time.

The name of the game was defense. By the third inning, Beachview managed to get three runs whereas Great White was still scoreless. But then in the bottom of the fourth, Great White flipped their burger and got four runs to take the lead. Beachview ramped up the golf cart and scored another two to win the game, 5-4.

Great White player Gary Greenplate reviewed the game and commented, “I might be right to say that this night Great White had no bite. In the ball park at dark we didn’t play like a shark. We were more like little fish, I reminisce.” Gary is a poet and didn’t know it!

In the other games last week, Sanctuary Island Electric gave the Aztec Plumbing Warriors a good tasering in an 11-9 win. The Bailey’s Baggers bagged up the runs in a shattering victory over All Island Glass, 30-9.

The Sanibel Adult Softball League plays every Wednesday night at the Sanibel Ball Fields. For more information, contact the Sanibel Recreation Center 472-0345.