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Juniper Village’s Bike Event for residents, public

By Staff | Oct 13, 2009

A 99-year-old on the back of a Harley Davidson might be an oddity at the Bike Night events downtown, but it will just be part of the fun Saturday at Juniper Village at Cape Coral.
Hosting their third annual Bike Event, the staffers at Juniper Village want to bring the excitement of the Cape’s famous Bike Nights to their residents and the public during daylight hours.
For those who are physically unable to make it Bike Night, Saturday’s event offers a chance to get in on the action.
“We wanted to do something clever three years ago for our residents,” said Eileyn Sobeck, director of Community Relations at Juniper Village. “The Bike Night events are so popular, but it’s hard on the older people to get out at night and walk around downtown Cape Coral.”
Free and open to the public, Juniper’s Bike Event will feature antique cars; a Giant Mouse Limo, courtesy of Truly Nolan Pest Control; motor coaches; and, of course, motorcycles.
Sobeck said the Christian Motorcycle Group will bring along its righteous hogs, and Southwest Cycle will have a custom-made motorcycle for people to check out.
For the Juniper residents who could not make it outside last year to see the wonderful machines, Sobeck said they wheeled some of the bikes inside.
She added that the event has retained its popularity during its three-year run because motorcycles fascinate everyone, not just the young.
Sobeck said corporate sponsors, including Truly Nolan, AluFAB and Cape Auto and Air, will help to make this year’s celebration the best.
“No matter what your age might be, everyone wants to explore their inner weekend warrior,” she said.
The Third Annual Bike Event at Juniper Village, located at 4920 Viceroy Court, will be held from 9:30-11 a.m.
Coffee and light refreshments will be served.
For more information, call Sobeck at 542-3121.