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Bunt’s Ball Busters continue winning ways

By Staff | Oct 13, 2009

Bunt’s Ball Busters lived up to its reputation as last season’s champion and handed the Fresh Legion Crew a 10-6 loss on Monday, Oct. 12, the first night of play for the Sanibel 8-Ball Pool League.

The One Ball Wonders and Sanibel Caf played to an 8-8 tie. Posting perfect scores in their matches were Franny Dolph, Doc Lubinski, John Earle, Doug Gentry and Bob Buntrock.

This is the third season for the league, which now plays on the two pocket billiard tables at American Legion Post 123. Matches start every Monday night at 6 p.m. and spectators are welcome.

Due to the economy and the lack of additional tables on Sanibel for players to compete and practice, the league has contracted to four teams this year from the six that played the first two seasons. More than 70 players participated during the league’s first two years.

This year’s four teams will play a 21 week round-robin schedule. When the season ends on Monday, March 1, a League Singles Tournament will again be played. The entry fee will be $20 and the participants must have played a minimum of 20 games in the league. An Awards Banquet is scheduled for Monday, March 15 and again this year the top eight league shooters will represent Sanibel in an annual challenge match against the North Fort Myers Senior 8-Ball League. Sanibel has lost the first two challenge matches.

Captains for the four teams are:

Kip Buntrock, One Ball Wonders

Richard McCurry, Sanibel Caf

Doc Lubinski, Fresh Legion Crew

Bob Buntrock, Bunt’s Ball Busters.

Contact any of the captains to express interest in playing or joining a team or call or e-mail League Organizer Bob Buntrock at 274-7881 or bobbuntrock@comcast.net.

Last year the League’s top shooters by percentage of games won were Bob Buntrock, Doc Lubinski, Dave Doane, Jimbo Gaubatz, Kelly Greten, Tom Bauer, Doug Conaway, Jack Dalton, Bob Hodosky and Rob Price. Winners of last year’s Singles Tournament were Rob Price, first; Carmen Senese, second; Tom Hensel, third; Jimbo Gaubatz, fourth; and Kip Buntrock and DaveDoane, tied for fifth.