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Cape Fire Department gives Eddie Fishbowl’s approval to reopen

By Staff | Oct 2, 2009

Cape Coral Fire officials have given the owner of Eddie Fishbowl’s permission to reopen tonight as the nightclub has met the minimum requirements established by the City’s Fire Marshal. The nightclub is located at 1306 Cape Coral Parkway East.
The city ordered the nightclub to close Sept. 11 due to ongoing life and safety violations at the location, Cape officials said. Cape Coral Fire Marshal Alan Carter continued to work with the owners and established specific criteria that had to be met to allow the nightclub to reopen. The owners have taken the appropriate actions, and Eddie Fishbowl’s can reopen.
The actions required by the City include:
1) Installing a functioning fire alarm
2) Hiring “fire watchers” to monitor the nightclub whenever the doors are open to the public
3) Limiting the occupancy to 286, rather than the 421 allowed if all fire safety measures were in place (i.e. sprinkler system).
The owner of Eddie Fishbowl’s will be required to submit a plan to install a sprinkler system at the establishment to remain open. That plan must be provided within about 10 days.

Source: City of Cape Coral