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Fountain appointed project manager of Instructional Design and Technology at Southwest Florida College

By Staff | Oct 1, 2009

Shantha Fountain’s ability to understand and embrace technology innovation has earned her the position of Project Manager of Instructional Design and Technology at Southwest Florida College, school officials said Thursday.
As a former graduate of Southwest Florida College’s Information Technology Program, Fountain immediately transitioned from a student of the college, to one of its employees. She joined the Southwest Florida College team in October 2006 as a receptionist for the Registrar’s Department where she excelled in student relations. From there, Fountain was recruited to the position of Academic Support Coordinator in the Distance Education Department at Southwest Florida College.
“Since the beginning at Southwest Florida College, I have always enjoyed the closeness of the work environment with the students, faculty, and staff,” Fountain said in a prepared statement. “My goal is to perform my duties as efficiently and effectively as possible, and to use my knowledge to not only help the Distance Education Department, but any other departments that I collaborate with during my projects.”
In her recent promotion to project manager of Instructional Design and Technology, Fountain will work with content specialists to design each upcoming term’s courses, as well as manage and oversee projects between Distance Education and other departments.
“As the Project Manager of Instructional Design and Technology, Ms. Fountain plays a pivotal role in assuring that the online courses designed at SWFC are high in quality and consistency across all Academic disciplines. Our primary audience is typically students who do not meet face-to-face with their instructors. As a result, Ms. Fountain works with content designers in developing courses that are robust and easy to navigate. Her efforts and attention to detail play a very important role in the development of classes and other Web-based content that directly benefit the students as well as the faculty of this institution,” said Jeffery Tunney, director of Distance Education for Southwest Florida College in a prepared statement.
Fountain currently resides in Fort Myers. She originally moved to Cape Coral in 1985 from Rochester, New York. In her time away from the college, Fountain enjoys playing with her daughter, listening to an eclectic mix of music, and playing the Wii Fit game system by Nintendo.

Source: Southwest Florida College