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LaBar named to staff of The Community House

By Staff | Sep 28, 2009

In the heart of the island lies a gem where many have gathered in our community since 1927. Last spring, the Board of Directors decided to reawaken this gem and developed an ambitious plan.

First, the board expanded to 18 members because many different talents were needed: Salli Kirkland, President; Marge Meek, Vice President; Bill Schecker, Secretary; Rob Lisenbee, Treasurer; along with Ann Arnoff, Sam Bailey, Lenora Hoffman, Terry Igo, Judy Montclare, Sandy Zahorchak, Karen Bell, Jim Brent, Ken Kouril, Robert Monk, Victoria Ross, William Sadd, Jack Samler and Amy Wainwright.

This energized board adopted a vision for the next five years starting with a new mission statement: “To enrich community spirit through educational, cultural and social gatherings in our historic Community House.”

To help bring their vision to the community and to communicate the unfolding changes, the board welcomes its newest staff member, Kimberly LaBar. She will represent The Community House as the Marketing Communications Director.

LaBar and her family have lived on the island for seven years and she brings with her a marketing background from Las Vegas, Nev. Her job will be to promote The Community House and develop communication strategies that include media, video and the Internet. She will join the current staff of Gloria Baker, General Manager; Jeff Oths, Assistant Manager; and Tracey Mayer-Brooks, Office Assistant.

“This is an exciting opportunity to be part of a team who believes in making a difference for our island and community,” said LaBar. “I look forward to supporting an exceptional group and their vision.”

The board has worked diligently this year reviewing its organization inside and out looking closely at how The Community House looks and responds to the needs of our islands. They realize the 82-year-old historical building needs remodeling, both visually and functionally.

“It is our goal to honor the history of The Community House and the foresight of Curtis Perry, our founding father, and many others, while bringing our organization and facility into the 21st Century,” said Salli Kirkland, President of the Board. “There’s no time like the present for change.”

The plan includes yearly goals that will culminate in the renovation of the facility to give it the old Florida-style look, but with modern conveniences. This year, the goal is to offer new programs and events for all ages and interests.

“We are using the tremendous talents of our islanders to provide lots of music and entertainment for locals and visitors alike,” said Marge Meek, chair of the Event Committee. “By bringing affordable and inclusive functions, we hope the community will want to become members of the Sanibel Community Association and help us reach our goals.”

There is a bright future ahead for our historic Community House. This is the year to come home – home to our “Gem of a House.”